Must-Know Information

The Caregiver’s Voice will be adding in-depth information to give you the additional knowledge you need to better care for your loved one.

Professionals: when you make this information available to your caregiver clients, you empower them to make informed decisions for their loved ones.

All articles and book chapters are available as PDF files for a minimal charge of $3.95. See TCV’s Unique Guarantee. By purchasing these articles, you’re supporting The Caregiver’s Voice ongoing advocacy on behalf of family and professional caregivers, the hundreds of hours of free emergency one-on-one coaching we provide families, and more.

TCV Must-Have Articles

Topics will cover a range of caregiving issues. We begin with:

AKUDA: The Art of Abuse Prevention

Four forms of elder abuse. Practice AKUDA to prevent elder abuse.
PDF document 4 pages

How do I set up an easy-to-use filing system
to keep track of my loved one’s medical records?

Three options (low tech, high tech, and hybrid) to keep track of medical records.
PDF document 5 pages

Future topics will include:

  • Survival Strategies for Caregivers
  • How will we know our Loved Ones Can No Longer Manage Alone?
  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset for Social Workers and others in the Helping Professions


TCV Book Chapters

We are also offering chapters from our books that provide valuable information that you and your clients can apply immediately.

We debut with:

Medical Evaluation and Drug Study
Chapter 8 in “Where’s my shoes?” My Father’s Walk through Alzheimer’s. What can you expect when a loved one needs a diagnostic assessment? What is involved in a clinical trial?
PDF Document 16 pages

Resources and Links

You may also visit our Resources and Links page for a wealth of information on a wide range of topics including our popular book and product reviews.

I’ve read through the articles on regarding Talking to Your Doctor, [see TALK with Your Doctor! 3-part blog series] and I really like a number of points about them:

  1. You give options for organizing medical history, info, and questions AND you remind
  2. Caregivers to do the same kind of organization for themselves.
  3. The strategies are easy and hands-on, too.
  4. When Caregivers are finished, they will have a useful tool to help with doctors’ appointments, calls to the emergency room, etc.
  5. I ended up reading many of the articles on your site, and was able to get some very useful ideas for some of my families who do not have Internet access.

—Lillian Arnold, CRC Family Consultant
Mountain Caregiver Resource Center
Lassen/Modoc Counties