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Knowledge, support, and humor for caregivers for people with dementia.

Caregiver TIPS

Father Daughter standing at front door - InnovAge provided photo
Many of us take to the road or the air this time of year to visit friends and relatives. What happens when you are a caregiver traveling with a loved one? Guest article by Dr. Lisa[...]

Inspiration for Caregivers

Caregiver Claire Abel and her mom Easter 2009
I can hardly remember my life before Mom came to live with us on December 3, 1996 at the invitation of my husband, Lyle. She was 87, but to her, age was just a number. It did not d[...]

The Caregiver's Voice VIDEO Channel

Brenda Avadian presenting caregiver speech
Time for a little FUN! It’s time we caregivers lighten things up a bit and start calling each other names. It’s okay. Really. When the going gets tough, forget calling yourself a caregiver, carer, or care partner. Nahhh, how about trying out a new name? PWoD! C’mon, say it aloud. P[...]

Caregiver Humor

Martin Avadian - lookin' atcha
Despite my father’s diagnosis of dementia at age 86 and Alzheimer’s shortly thereafter, he was physically healthy. While he lived with us, I’d take him shopping. [...]

The Caregiver's Voice REVIEW

Our Dementia Diary - Irene Alzheimer's and Me
Our Dementia Diary: Irene, Alzheimer’s and Me Rachael and Irene were supposed to live a long and happy life, retire and travel the world. But a thief called Alzheimer’s visit[...]

VOICES with Dementia

Mary Radnofsky speaking at UN Geneva
Pennsylvania-born, Texas-raised, world-traveled, Virginia-resident Mary Radnofsky, PhD, is an intelligent woman, professor, librarian, ghostwriter, editor, scuba diver, human right[...]

Avadian's Musings

United States flag flying freely
I try to keep this caregiver blog focused on topics related to caregivers, especially for people with dementia. What has happened in America has divided our country. With time, jus[...]