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Knowledge, support, and humor for caregivers for people with dementia.

Caregiver TIPS

American Tubs Chromatherapy
Aging in Place and Reconsidering Bathing A major challenge for caregivers, especially those caring for loved ones with dementia is bathing. Difficulties with bathing and toileting [...]

Inspiration for Caregivers

Avadian Photo Shoreline at Sunrise
Diana Nyad’s goal was to swim about 110 miles in the Gulf Stream waters between Cuba and the U.S. Unlike caregiving, which is often hoisted upon us in a time of crisis, this [...]

The Caregiver's Voice VIDEO Channel

#SharetheOrange Alzheimer's Research UK
Dementia is not a natural part of aging. It is a disease like cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. With clever animation by the makers of Wallace and Gromit, viewers see the damaging effects of dementia upon an orange. Why an orange? An orange is about five ounces —  the difference in weight betwe[...]

Caregiver Humor

A spoonful of vanilla pudding in a mayonnaise jar
8 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity as a CAREGIVER When you’re out to eat and the server asks what you’d like to drink, say, “Diet water, please.” (Look as natural as an[...]

The Caregiver's Voice REVIEW

Emerald Brand Toilet Paper and Facial Tissues
Review of Emerald Brand Personal Paper Products If you’re ready for a change of personal paper products, consider these tree-free facial tissues and toilet paper rolls made by Emer[...]

VOICES with Dementia

Mike O'Brien in Mentia short documentary, smiles
Despite Dementia, Michael O’Brien Smiles Twenty-one years ago, when I became a full-time family caregiver for my father with dementia, few people talked openly about living w[...]

Avadian's Musings

Mother Deer with Fawns
What do you mean? Recently, I viewed a video excerpt of a former caregiver claiming that despite being comfortable with both online and offline research, she couldn’t find an[...]