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Knowledge, support, and humor for caregivers for people with dementia.

Caregiver TIPS

Don't lose your keys - keep them on a keyhook
A couple months ago, we featured a guest post, Want to Remember? Break Your Routine. The idea was to keep our minds agile and fresh by doing things differently. As I get older and [...]

Inspiration for Caregivers

Community Chest Singapore video Ripple
Despite how much we’ve learned, people with dementia are still stigmatized. Often, it’s due to not knowing enough about the disease. Other times, it’s people losi[...]

The Caregiver's Voice VIDEO Channel

Britian's Got Talent featuring 16-year old Harry Gardner's Alzheimer's tribute to his grandmother
Last year, 15-year old Harry Gardner wrote and performed, Not Alone, a tribute to his grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. When his 77-year old “nan” forgot his name, Harry was distraught. He came home and penned the words to his song, which has raised money for Alzheim[...]

Caregiver Humor

Martin Avadian questioning
It’s not funny! Well, as a matter of fact, it is! Caregiving can be so intense at times, we’ll crack, if we don’t crack up. Caring for a loved one with dementia; in my case, my fat[...]
Toilet Paper roll Straight scoop on poop

The Caregiver's Voice REVIEW

Chrysalis book cover image by Ann Vanino - TCV Review
The Caregiver’s Voice Reviews Ann Vanino’s Chrysalis – Transformation from the Inside Out There are two periods in a caregiver’s life when a metamorphosis occurs [...]

VOICES with Dementia

Nancy Nelson close up VOICE w Dementia
Each person I’ve interviewed for this Voices with Dementia column surprises me. Before Brian LeBlanc, who also lives with dementia, referred me to Nancy Nelson, he wrote, “We’re al[...]

Avadian's Musings

US News image for Becoming Our Parents article
Have you ever said, “I’ll never turn into my mom or dad”? Well, guess what? There comes a time – usually in our fifties, when we look in the mirror and̷[...]