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Caregiver TIPS

Water flowing - Avadian photo of the river of life
During the 19 years that The Caregiver’s Voice has been online, we’ve been performing upgrades to the website. Like a river, we must keep flowing to maintain lively ide[...]

Inspiration for Caregivers

Walking shoes - Carole Mulliken
Time to break out those walking shoes. The annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s approaches every fall. For some, those walking shoes may need replacing after so many Walks. Walks are pre[...]

The Caregiver's Voice VIDEO Channel

Amazon Echo Silver Parody Saturday Night Live (SNL)
How did I miss this Saturday Night Live (SNL) parody of Amazon’s Echo Silver for Seniors? This definitely will be me (maybe you?) all too soon! Until then, you’ll be laughing! Oftentimes, I can’t hear names to remember them. I have so much on my mind, I forget what I asked by the t[...]

Caregiver Humor

Brenda Avadian helping Lisa Lopez celebrate her birthday
If we’re to survive, we caregivers must find something to laugh about. We’ll thrive and find joy each day, when we tap our well of caregiver humor. There’s much to laugh abou[...]

The Caregiver's Voice REVIEW

At Death's Door End of Life Stories from the Bedside by Sebastian Sepulveda, MD and Gini Graham Scott
At Death’s Door brings to life the end of life. Many of us remain unaware of the important issues families face near the end of life. What does a DNR/DNI entail? What are the leadi[...]

VOICES with Dementia

John Sandblom | VOICE with Dementia
Life-long Iowa-based John Sandblom, co-founded Dementia Alliance International (DAI) to support, educate, and advocate for people living with dementia worldwide. What many people d[...]

Avadian's Musings

Martin and Arpy Avadian - web
Immigrant Parents’ Money Management Lessons My parents immigrated to America for a better life. My father arrived with his mother through Ellis Island in 1920. My mother arri[...]